Success Stories

” I’ve learned what it takes to be happy and successful in life and to  make the most of everything by dealing with certain problems or challenges in an orderly manner, correctly.

I have also learned that there are many alternatives to doing or handling a problem and what to do while facing everyday challenges and encounters.”

Thanks!  DB

“When it comes to exhaustion and frustration, learning to take a walk to clear my mind so that my negative energy does not have a domino effect on others…  I also found the 8 parts of life was interesting.  That each parts are steps of life that if one is unstable then all can potentially become unstable”.  T.P.

” I realized as a human, we all go through series of emotional up & downs in our lives.  What I learned from this course is to realized what is it in life that’s troubling you.  Recognize, solve it and make my life one step closer to success.  I learned by not giving up in life, none of human problems will be solved so knowledge is a key…”  A.A

Personal Efficiency workshop delivered to all staff of Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry

“After learning this course, I realized that life always have ups and downs. Some basic concepts I learned here like A.R.C. (Affinity, Reality, Communication) triangle, tone scales, and eight dynamics are helpful in  handling life. Communication is important to improve relationship in my daily life.  By communicating with my clients, family members, problems can be solved easily.  The method to overcome exhaustion like take a walk is very practical.  I will implement this to my life. ” N.S.

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