Personal Efficiency

Three months ago, several friends approached us about some problems they were having regarding work and relationships.  This is not something new to us.  Denis and I, along with our associates have been helping people with different issues over the years so people approach us regularly. We can certainly offer life coaching and counseling anytime  to anyone but we felt that a workshop whereby participants can learn important life principles they can apply at work and in their lives would be the best help we can give in a long term.

The Personal Efficiency workshop is now part of our Personal Development Programs and is being delivered in Toronto and it’s surrounding cities.

“We want to empower you with the tools to take your life back!”

Why the Personal Efficiency?

This workshop teaches you the basics of life and work such as:

  • How to handle confusion at work
  • The Dynamics of Life
  • Communication and it’s components
  • How to handle relationships and upsets
  • How to handle exhaustion
  • How to succeed in life
  • and much  more…

“70% of your life is spent working so make it work for you”

Your success depends upon knowing and applying the skills learned from this course and the accompanying book.

What you get:

  • Personal Efficiency workshop
  • Softcover copy of Problems of Work book by L. Ron Hubbard
  • Personal Efficiency portfolio/workbook
  • Oxford Capacity Analysis, also known as Personality test (optional: IQ and Aptitude tests).  Know what’s ruining your life with this test.
  • Refreshments
  • 10% discount coupon that can be applied to our Life Improvement Courses (Overcoming Ups&Downs in Life, How To Improve Relationship with Others, Knowing Who You Can Trust, How To Achieve Self-Confidence, How To Get Motivated,Formulas For Living, Scn Tools To Organize For Success, Effective Time Management, Setting And Achieving Your Goals, Scn Tools For Effective Leadership,  Scn Tools  For Overcoming Financial Stress, Scn Tools For Financial Security, Scn Principles Of Prosperity, Creating A Successful Marriage, Salvaging A Marriage, Having A Happy Baby, Raising Successful Children, and Successfully Parenting Tweens and Teens).

Workshop Limits:

Because the workshop requires person to person attention and coaching, we are limiting the course to 20 attendees per session. So enroll as soon as you can to prevent disappointment!


Reg: $75.00 CAD

$60.00  Special – April Only!  Bring a Friend for FREE!

Includes The Problems of Work softcover book, and workbook.

Click here for our workshop schedule and to pay.

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