Breaking The Habits

January 31, 2011

Are your bad habits preventing you from achieving success?

We all have bad habits in some form or another.  Weather it’s minor or life-sabotaging,  most of us are aware of some habits we could do without.

Take Control

Whatever it is, no matter how bad, know that you can control yourself.   You have the ability to change anything.   If you can walk from one spot to another, move your legs or arms, you have the ability to control yourself.

In other words, habits are not part of who you are.  You are not your habits – you can control them.  Breaking habits  means you take full control.

A habit is simply something one cannot stop.” “When one loses the ability to stop something, that thing to some degree has become his master.” — L. Ron Hubbard (Problems of Work)

Here’s an example, your bad habit of not eating breakfast is taking a toll on you. So you decide to eat good breakfast before checking your e-mails in the morning.  For several days, you prepare and enjoy your breakfast before picking up your phone or turning on your computer to check your e-mails.

Then one day, you couldn’t resist the urge to check your blackberry on your way down to the kitchen.   Your e-mails consumed your morning and you ended up forgetting about breakfast.

You then decide to take better control and use more intention to accomplish your goal.  You successfully made a habit of eating breakfast before diving into work mode.

Gaining full control of your life is what you learn from our Personal Efficiency workshop.

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