The goal of PMU, the Power Me Up group, is a productive, motivated and winning individual.  Through our seminars, and personal development courses, we are empowering individuals, businesses and their employees with  our effective, easy to apply tools to take full control of their lives and achieve success.

We believe that happiness goes hand in hand with success, and success is achieved by winning in life, at work and in business.

The PMU team

Imie Belanger has helped hundreds of small business owners and individual women transform their lives and accelerate their business through her online marketing services and community volunteer work. She is a natural coach, always trying to help people in need.

Her background in marketing, sales, personal finance, event management, online business and personal development makes her the ideal coach for PMU.  She is a multi-talented individual who splits her time between family, community and businesses.

Denis Belanger has been a Training Director (his  moonlighting job) at a non-profit organization for 15 years.  As a speaker, trainer and instructor,  he insist on making sure his students understand and can apply the materials they are studying.

His extensive experience as a foreman with Best Painting gives him the understanding and appreciation of managing people and the importance of efficiency in any workplace.

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